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Re: Restoring filenames from partly damaged ext4-filesystem

On 02/09/2012 10:22 PM, Rudolf Zran wrote:
Hello Andreas!

[ext4 partition overwritten with garbage at the beginning]

  * photorec from the testdisk package recoveres, luckily!, about 500GB of
    data. Though the content seems to be pretty reasonable, no filenames
    are recovered, since photorec operates without using filesystem

  Do you see any chances (besides consulting professional recovery companies)
  getting the filenames back?

There was an ext3grep tool that some people had success with, but when I
looked at it, it was still fairly complex to use.

Thanks for the hint, but the problem with ext3grep is that it seems to
rely on an intact filesystem structure. It even has no option to set
another superblock besides the default one and fails with all commands
I tried ( see https://pzt.me/8q6k ).

I have written some tools in the past to recover the file structure of an over-formated ext3/ext4 device based on directory blocks. With some tweaks it should be able to assign the file#inode_numbers in lost+found to a directory structure. Problem is that I'm rather busy with too many other projects already. Do you know C and could you add some code on your own for the lost+found assignment? I can assist you, but it is unlikely that I find much time do it myself...


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