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Re: Understanding the hibernation sequence

On Tue, 07 Feb 2012 16:08:18 -0500, Celejar wrote:

> I'm trying to debug / figure out why resuming from hibernation often
> results in a kernel panic on my machine. One thing I don't understand,
> although I don't know whether it is in any way related to the problem,
> is why the hibernate script seems to only sometimes actually do what its
> supposed to do
> E.g., sometimes I get this, which looks right:


> hibernate: [91] Executing ModulesUnloadBlacklist ... 
> Unloading blacklisted modules listed /etc/hibernate/blacklisted-modules 
> Module version for ipw2100 is
> Module version for ipw2200 is
> Unloading blacklisted module psmouse (and dependencies) Unloading psmouse ...
> Removing modules with rmmod.
> Unloading blacklisted module ehci_hcd (and dependencies) Unloading ehci_hcd ...
> Unloading blacklisted module uhci_hcd (and dependencies) Unloading uhci_hcd ...
> Module version for snd_bt_sco is
> Module version for ndiswrapper is
> Unloading blacklisted module mac80211 (and dependencies) Unloading iwl4965 ...
> Unloading iwl_legacy ...
> Unloading mac80211 ...


> But sometimes I just get the 'hibernate' lines, but no action seems to
> actually occur:


> hibernate: [91] Executing ModulesUnloadBlacklist
> ... hibernate: 


> Does this mean that for some reason, the bad modules are not getting
> unloaded (among other things)? If so, I suppose that this could be
> causing my problems - but why is this happening? I can find no rhyme or
> reason for when things happen and when they don't.

There are some tips for debugging hibernation/resuming at 
"/usr/share/doc/pm-utils/README.debugging". Personally, I would start by 
increasing the verbosity of the logs (PM_DEBUG="true").

Sorry for not being more detailed or concise but hibernation/suspend/thawing 
look to me like wizardry words pertaining to an unexplored magical realm :-)



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