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Mount external USB NTFS HD automatically


I use squeeze stable with gnome, I have several USB external HD in NTFS format, I need this format for compatibility purposes.

In Fedora and Knoppix, in the same machine, ntfs disks are mounted and dismounted automatically from desktop, in Fedora from Gnome 3 and in Knoppix from the default desktop.

In Debian, when I mount an USB external HD, if it is in NTFS format, I must mount and dismount as root, via command line.

I found udev rules for mount this automatically, but for dismount I must do this as root, because a normal user is not allowed to dismount an HD that is not in /etc/fstab

I want mount and dismount  external usb NTFS disks  from Gnome automatically, in the same way than Knoppix or Fedora does, without have to add nothing to /etc/fstab

What must I change or add?


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