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Re: Debian menu in the KDE launcher

On Sun, 05 Feb 2012 20:06:32 +0000, Sian Mountbatten wrote:

> Camaleón wrote:
>> On Sun, 05 Feb 2012 14:29:55 +0000, Sian Mountbatten wrote:
>>> When I invoke the editor for the launcher menu, the Debian sub-menu is
>>> missing.
>> What Debian release (or KDE version)?
> siduction distribution (based on sid/unstable) KDE version 4.7.2 and
> version 0.8 for kmenuedit itself.

Sid still has KDE 4.6.5 while 4.7.4 is on experimental, so your version 
does not match with any of these. Anyway, as I said earlier, menu editing 
behaves oddly in both gnome and kde and manual edition is required, but 
let me search a bit for this.

Mmm... look, it can be this bug:




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