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egrep oddity

For quite some time now, I've been getting peeved with egrep not doing what it 

I have Squeese installed and up-to-date. In an xterm running bash or on a 
console running bash or dash, this command:
  ls -C1 | egrep "^[A-Z]"
returns all lines except those beginning with 'a'. Even the following commands 
exhibit similar behavior:
  alias|sed -e 's/^a/b/'|egrep "^[A-Z]"  # passes sed's output untouched
  alias|sed -e 's/^a/A/'|egrep "^[A-Z]"  # passes sed's output untouched

These commands behave the same way on another Squeeze installation at another 
location. Also, 'grep -E' behaves the same way.

The commands behave as expected on a different GNU/Linux system.

Does anyone else see this behavior? Or do I need to clean my pipe and smoke 
something better?


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