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Re: OT:info needed virtualbox networking

03/02/2012 23:22, richard wrote:
> Hi
> Pretty sure I've found the problem after lot of googling.
> It appears there is a registry patch to allow network printing.
> Ive only got winXP sp2 , so to take this further I'd need a later edition.
> This is more a personal battle to prove it works.
> Strangely enough there's a patch for win 7  to make it work :).
> Maybe Santa will come late a drop an .iso image through the letter box.
> Any one succeeded in running win s/w that requires .NET in wine ?
> Thanks

Maybe it depends on the edition, but I have Win XP and 7 ("pro" and some
"home whatever") clients printing to cups printers through ipp, two of
those clients are virtual systems. Wikipedia [1] suggests it has been
working for quite a while.

[1] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_Printing_Protocol

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