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Re: [OT] how to take care of hand

On Fri, Feb 3, 2012 at 18:57, lina <lina.lastname@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> are there some suggestions about how to take care of hand?
> for weeks, I felt the hand especially the thumb get strengh-less in typing,
> and kinda of stiff,
> I can't avoid using mouse ( even has changed to a light one) and keyboard,
> googled some way, a bit horrible, someone even said need do operations.
> are there some good way of avoiding it. 3 years ago I once had, but gone
> within week. now I get handache about it.
> just curious about the answer, thanks,

Hi Lina, I suffer from manual disability (inoperable right thumb) and
my hands hurt (especially the left) after extending typing. Here is
how I cope:

1) I put my index fingers on D and K instead of F and J. This not only
leads to better posture, but it removes much work from the weak pinky
fingers and transfers it to the strong index fingers. Also, the Enter,
Tab, Shift, Esc and other keys are much closer.

2) I use VIM, which although has a terrible learning curve lets me
keep my hands on the home row. I use Anki to learn VIM, and it is
going great.

3) I swapped CapsLock and Esc keys. Now Esc is closer, which I use
often due to VIM.

4) I take frequent breaks. RSIBreak in KDE helps me, in Gnome you have
the excellent Workrave applications.

5) I often swap between two very different keyboards: one low-pressure
split keyboard, and a conventional-layout board with mechanical
(Cherry) switches. I take care not to bottom out.

6) To prevent from bottoming out, I often swap between Colemak and
QWERTY. The confusion slows me down and makes me more conscientious of
my typing.

7) I stopped using my phone one handed! The terrible contortions
necessary to use the phone was actually hurting my hands, I found. Now
one hand holds the phone, and the other operates the buttons.

8) I brush my teeth with my left hand. This is partly due to my manual
disability in the right thumb, but it also helps strengthen the left
arm a bit. Men might find that other right-arm activities should be
moved to the left arm whenever possible or practical.

9) I just bought a pair of Baoding balls. I have yet to see if they
help, actually right now they hurt, but I will keep at it.

10) I take Omega 3 pills. These reduce any swelling in the left hand,
and make it more comfortable to type.

11) I notice that I grip pens and eating utensils very stiffly. I now
contentiously try to reduce that pressure.

12) I take great care not to hit anything with my hands. Even pushing
open the door to the building is now done by first placing my hand on
the door, then pushing. Or with my foot if nobody sees me!

Dotan Cohen


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