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Re: lpr command not found

* Anthony Campbell <ac@acampbell.org.uk> [120203 11:21]:
> Interesting: I didn't know about the purchase by Apple. I always
> preferred lprng to cups but for some reason one of my laptops no longer
> gave me /dev/lp0 so I was forced to use cups on that machine. I had some
> problems with cups last summer (had to take the USB lead out and put it
> back after each printing) but at present things seem to be more or less
> all right. I still have lprng on my other machines and don't intend to
> change unless I have to.

I came to Linux as a result of a disaster caused by one of the few
genuine Y2K bugs, which caused M$ Word for M$-DO$ to write garbage to
the data files.  That event taught me the potential cost of running a
proprietary system, and, in particular, a system in which data is
stored in anything other than plain text.

At that relatively-early date in the history of Linux (my first system
was "Potato"), I was very glad to have lprng.  I never recall having
difficulty with lprng, and I was apprehensive about the switch to cups.
Indeed, upon the acquisition of cups by Apple, and in view of my
personal experience with several Macinto$h systems, I gave thought to
returning to lprng.  But as lprng loses popularity, maintenance
becomes an issue.  At this point, I think that if Apple ruins cups,
the best approach to recovery would be to branch cups from the
pre-Apple release, rather than to return to lprng.


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