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Re: VNC into a Debian Machine

On Tue, 31 Jan 2012 21:20:02 +0100, James Allsopp scribbled:

> Hello,
> I really want to be able to use VNC to be able to view the full Gnome
> desktop on my laptop. I've been able to view a grey screen and a
> terminal, using vnc4server and tigervnc or vinagre, but what I'd like to
> be able to do is just view a whole screen as if I was actually there.
> I'd like avoid xdmcp if possible, as it would be great to use it from
> anywhere, rather than just locally,
> Any suggestions, pointers to good tutorials welcome! Thanks
> James

RTFM (at www.realvnc.com) ...
x-window-manager in the xstartup file in your .vnc directory links to 
metacity.  Replace it with gnome-session.

Bill Dennen			ieee1014@hotmail.com
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