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Re: Accented Characters - How to type from standard keyboard?

On Sat, Jan 28, 2012 at 03:40:51PM -0500, doug wrote:
> On 01/28/2012 02:40 PM, Michael Lange wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
> >Thus spoketh "Thomas H. George"<lists@tomgeorge.info>
> >unto us on Sat, 28 Jan 2012 11:19:09 -0500:
> >
> /snip/

> >You can set up a compose key; here I have added
> >
> >     Option         "XkbOptions" "compose:Super_R"
> >
> >to the Keyboard section in /etc/X11/xorg.conf and now I can use the right
> >one of the "Windows" keys as compose key, most of the default key
> >combinations are quite intuitive, for example if I press the ComposeKey
> >followed by an "a" and an apostrophe I get á , or an "o" followed by a
> >slash gives ø and so on.
> .snip/
> >
> >You can even setup custom key combinations in case you can locate the
> >correct file for that; here I have a file ~/.XCompose, but changes to
> >this file are ignored by gtk apps , and xterm and friends seem to be
> >unable to handle certain characters.

Why not just use a US Intl with deadkeys keyboard layout?
I use it (I type in four languages, comes in very handy:
ñ é à ô ü þ ð µ ç etc., all very easy to type).

all tony, all the time!

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