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Re: Blank screen at boot with kernel 3.1

Le 25 janvier 2012 20:09, Sven Joachim <svenjoac@gmx.de> a écrit :

>> I don't want to nominally install the 3.2
>> kernel, I only want the latest one, so I think I'll stick to
>> linux-image-amd64 and wait until that updates to 3.2. Should be quite
>> soon, I guess.
> As long as you don't have untrusted users on your system, a local root
> exploit might not scare you much.  And since you're willing to use a
> proprietary kernel module for which nobody knows what nasty things it
> might do, security probably does not really matter.

Well, let's say that the first thing I did after installing kdm was to
enable auto-login on my user, so yes, local security is not really a
concern for me (anyway, it's a home computer and anyone that could get
to a login screen would be physically sitting in front of it, so they
could boot on whatever live CD they'd like. So again, local security
is definitely not a concern for me).

> X does not know about that parameter, so it will try to load nouveau
> unless you specify a driver in xorg.conf.  But
> a) you have to specify the nvidia driver anyway if you want to use it;
> b) the only ill effect would be an error message in Xorg's log.

You are right, on both counts. The X installation went fine, except
that I had to write a minimal xorg.conf file to force it to use the
nvidia module (a). And yes, I also get an error message (actually, a
warning) in the log (b).

But the system seems to be working perfectly, so now I'm just left to
copy my files and fine tune the install.

Thanks again for the help!
Rémi Moyen

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