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Re: Clipboard issues

2012/1/24  <bhasker@unixindia.com>:
> Hi all,
>  I am seeing this issue on my debian wheezy/sid. The clipboard contents are
> disappearing when the window is closed. Can someone help me please if they
> have to faced this issue ?
>  Steps:
>    open any window application (even xterm )
>    Mark the contents of the window (which is copying )
>    a) Close this window and open another window and try to paste the copied
> text. The copied text has disappeared and last text is remembered and
> pasted!
>    b) before closing the window if you try to paste the paste works fine.
> thanks all

I think that's the normal behaviour of X (as strange as it seems). You
can install a clipboard manager (such as parcellite) to keep the
contents of the clipboard after your application has been closed.


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