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Re: wget and captcha puzzle !!!

John Hasler wrote:
> J. Bakshi writes:
> > My internet provider provides an online form accessed by local IP (the
> > connection is based on eth); so that the subscriber can provide
> > username and password to activate the login; additionally it also has
> > a captcha as added security.
> Do you mean that you need to do this to access some Web page of theirs
> that is of interest, or that you must do this every time you establish
> an Internet connection?  If the latter they are complete loons.

I have been weeks at locations where there only available networking
was from commercial wide area wifi providers who required every
initiation of connection this way.  They were doing filtering based
upon ethernet address and required me to authenticate so that they
would register the MAC address of the machine.  It was extremely
annoying!  From their point of view they are covering a wide area and
they wanted to prevent abuse from script kiddies.  Though it was very
"hackishly" implemented for a commercial service.  From my point of
view I was purchasing a week's network connectivity, had already spent
the money, and it was either use it or lose it.  And there weren't any
other choices available.

Fortunately I was running a WRT54GL which was always on and so I could
authenticate once for it and it would stay connected due to the
constant trickle of network activity and then only need to repeat it
manually when things failed and needed to be restarted.  For me that
was a few times through the course of the couple of weeks and so I
just muscled through it.  But I know that if I had been dealing with
them long term I would have considered automating the process.


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