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Re: hi, how to set gnome3 in fallback mode?

On 21/01/12 19:39, Miles Bader wrote:
> Scott Ferguson <prettyfly.productions@gmail.com> writes:
>>> On 21/01/12 12:36, Mike Viau wrote:
>>> My apologizes, this is the first time someone has mentioned that my mail
>>> appears like it was in HTML formatting from my email client, but I can
>>> tell you the email was sent as Rich Text message. Perhaps your email
>>> client is interpreting emails from me as HTML incorrectly?
>> No.
>> It really is HTML that you're sending.
>> Content-Type: text/html; charset="iso-8859-1" as Walter has so
>> eloquently pointed out :-)
> Actually it seems to have been "multipart/alternative" with a text part
> and an html part ... 

(So more electrons died for no good reason.... )

Default for Hotmail.

For future reference (should anyone give a hoot):-

> I didn't even notice he had sent html, 'cause my
> news/mail reader just uses the text part.
> -Miles

Unless you have Tahoma installed you'd miss the full glory anyway.


Iceweasel/Firefox extensions for finding answers to Debian questions:-

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