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Re: how to download the packages in Debian testing non-free before installing?

Andrei Popescu wrote:
On Mi, 18 ian 12, 22:03:22, lee wrote:

Will I be able to get the wireless working with the first DVD before
making any changes to the hard disks?

Network setup is before the partitioning step, at least you can stop if
you can't get wireless working and start over.

Cool, I can try the unofficial installer first then.

Hm, what´s the point in having the firmware only and not the software to
get the wireless card to work? Apparently, I need software from the
non-free section which isn´t included on the DVDs, so having the
firmware only get´s me no more than like half the way.

What software exactly do you need from non-free? Are you sure it's not
the firmware?

According to [1], I need the "firmware-iwlwifi" and "wireless-tools" packages from the non-free section. I could download them before starting the installation and might end up having to dowload more packages to resolve dependencies ...

[1]: http://wiki.debian.org/iwlagn

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