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Re: Mainboard for Debian stable

Op 29-12-11 23:32, Paul van der Vlis schreef:
> Op 29-12-11 22:24, Andrei Popescu schreef:
>> On Jo, 29 dec 11, 21:50:46, Paul van der Vlis wrote:
>>> I see here: "I just *did* backport r8169 from 3.0 into squeeze."
>>> http://lists.debian.org/debian-wnpp/2011/11/msg00347.html
>> You probably meant:
>> http://lists.debian.org/debian-wnpp/2011/11/msg00346.html (From: Ben 
>> Hutchings).
> Correct, my mistake.
>>> But where can I find that backport?
>> It is the kernel itself. See the changelog:
>> linux-2.6 (2.6.32-36) stable; urgency=low
>> ...
>>   [ Ben Hutchings ]
>>   ...
>>   * r8169: Backport changes up to Linux 3.0.2 (Closes: #627704)
>>     - Fix support for RTL8102E and RTL8168DP
>>     - Add support for RTL8105E, RTL8168E and another variant of RTL8168DP
>>     - Add support for D-Link DGE-530T rev C1
> Great! Thanks for the info.
> Very complex those names. In the specs they have different names then in
> lspci. For Google: This means the Realtek 8111E should work with Debian
> Squeeze.
>> If you have devices that don't work with this module I'm sure the kernel 
>> developers will want to know.

I've tested it with an Asus M5A78L-M/USB3 mainboard and I can tell that
the network driver does not work.

At the moment I do not have the mainboard here anymore, I had to give it
to the customer (I've used a PCI network card). But I hope to get
another one.

I did not test the backport kernel for Debian stable.

With regards,
Paul van der Vlis.

Paul van der Vlis Linux systeembeheer, Groningen

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