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Re: editing pdf files

"John A. Sullivan III" <jsullivan@opensourcedevel.com> wrote:
>1) OpenOffice PDF plugin - probably the best potential but it still
>sometimes chokes on some PDFs or mangles the formatting badly.
>2) Xournal - good and simple if you only want to add text but nothing
>beyond that.
>3) GIMP - extremely powerful and consequently complicated and it can
>only edit a page at a time.
>4) Inkscape or Scribus - powerful and consequently complicated, can only
>edit a page at a time (not sure about that for Scribus), crashes
>frequently and sometimes completely chokes on the PDF.
>5) pdfeditor - potentially the most powerful of the options but still
>limited, difficult to use, and immature.

I would also suggest having a look at PDF XViewer, a Windows freeware
tool that runs rather fine in wine. Much better than anything I’ve
used before.
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