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Re: OT: .ape decompression.

Thank You for Your time and answer, Darac:

>> Do You know how I can get exit status on mplayer2 operation:
>Check the contents of the $? variable immediately after executing
>mplayer2. The convention is that 0 means success and >0 means error.

Actually, I run it from a perl script, checking for the variable (it is
the same as in bash), it shows me zero - that is OK, but it is not so,
and I think mplayer2 supposes in case is was plaied OK, than exit
status OK too - regardless of writing failure.

Same situation w/ bash:

mplayer2 -nolirc -vo null -vc dummy -cache 4096 -cache-min 30 -ao
pcm:waveheader:file=./1.wav *.m4a; echo $?

It shows zero. And plays whole the file.

May Yoo know how to make mplayer2 to show tag info only and exit? - In
that case I can decompress w/ mac - for it returns correct exit status.

>> Another question, I have mac command from monkeys-audio that can do
>> the same, but how do I fetch tag info from the input file?
>Try pacpl <http://packages.debian.org/search?keywords=pacpl>. "pacpl
>--to flac YourFile.ape", for example, should convert the file while
>preserving the tagging information.

Well. I do not need that. I just want to decompress w/ exit status
available - whether it was written correctly or not, and to fetch
available tag info.

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