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Re: "sudo" command passwd is not canceled.

Joel Rees wrote:
> Tom H wrote:
> > [I would've have thought that there ought to be a space between
> > "(ALL:ALL)" and "NOPASSWD:" but since it worked for the OP before he
> > edited polkit files, I guess not.]
> Yeah, since I'm checking, man 5 sudoers, around line 480 on the Fedora
> 15 system I have booted right now, "whitespace optional".

Since it is a yacc-lex parser (bison-flex actually) it is written such
that those punctuation characters are the same as white space.  Use of
parens, colons, semicolons, and so forth is sufficient to separate the
input into different tokens.  Then the tokens must come in the correct
syntax to fit the grammar.  Whitespace isn't needed there.  Whitespace
can make the file more readable though.  This is the same as in the C
programming language and others where "if (k == 0) {" is the same
exactly as "if(k==0){" but most people prefer the addition of the
whitespace to make easier reading of the code.


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