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problems with having two DHCP servers...

On 12/27/11 22:04, Scott Ferguson wrote:

It "sounds" like you are running two DHCP servers - in which case you
have four options (none of which involve preseeding).

If you have multiple DHCP servers the problem is *easily* fixed - please
tell me the make and model of the primary (router/firewall) DHCP server
and I'll give you instructions.

Hi Scott,

I'm not the OP, but I do have this problem. When I try to do an install (wheezy) on a network with two DHCP servers, the installer's dhcp-client never seems to get an IP address -- even though the two servers are both responding and both giving the same IP address.

Both DHCP servers are dnsmasq.

When I kill off one of the servers temporarily, all goes well.

Is there a solution that isn't so drastic?



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