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Re: Solving a GTK theme problem

On Wed, 04 Jan 2012 16:59:15 +0100, Andreas Rönnquist wrote:

> Every time I start a GTK-program in the terminal which uses icons, I get
> this:
> (program:line): Gtk-WARNING **: Error parsing gtk-icon-sizes string:
> 	'16'

How are you running the application? Remotely or locally, using "gksu -u 
user app"?

> (with program:line different for each program, of course) - I have
> searched my used themes and have a very hard time finding where the
> actual problem is.

In addition to the warning message, is the program running fine or does 
not open at all or presents any GUI issues (e.g., missing icons...)?

> Looking at the line of a perl program which gives the problem gives me
> the line $dialog->run; and the C programs which I have tried debugging
> seems to do on the gtk_main function.
> Is there a simple way to find where this faulty gtk-icon-sizes is
> located?


At least in GNOME there's a global "gtkrc" file which defines every GTK 
theme installed but rather that tweaking it directly I would first try to 
use a different icon theme. 

Also, I would try to run the app from another user.



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