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Re: procmail, problem with this delivering recipe

On Tue, 03 Jan 2012 23:18:59 -0700, Bob Proulx wrote:

>> there were actually more piping commands between formail & $SENDMAIL in
>> my rcfile.
> Yes.  But as noted that is incorrect.  Only one action line is allowed
> there.

Hmm..., actually, it is correct. True, that there can only be exactly one 
action line, but that doesn't prevent me from concatenating consequent 
lines together with a trailing '\', just like what I'm doing in make as 

All those complicated piping will form a *single* action line. I've 
checked the log, procmail is OK with that, no error or complains, and I 
get exactly what I want from the $SENDMAIL command. Ie, everything is 
working fine, just that procmail considers it a non-delivering recipe, 
which seems strange to me. 

Further probing shows that, procmail considered the mail *header* is 
delivered and went on trying to deliver the mail *body* -- all such 
delivered messages are from 'foo@bar' and without any header. 

Just as a comparison, if not delivering to pipe but to a file, to be 
considered as a delivering recipe:

"When you drop something to /dev/null, use the h flag so that procmail
does not unnecessarily try to feed whole message there"

      :0 h
      * condition


I'm confused.
Please help.

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