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Re: Re (2): incrontab usage

On 03/01/12 11:12, peasthope@shaw.ca wrote:

> The 2nd problem is more subtle.  
> peter@joule:~$ incrontab -l
> /home/peter/test IN_MODIFY touch /home/peter/indicator 2>&1
> gives 
> root@joule:/etc# /usr/sbin/incrond -nf /etc/incron.conf
> touch: cannot touch `2>&1': Permission denied
> touch: cannot touch `2>&1': Permission denied
> touch takes an arbitrary number of file name arguments.  
> How can its output and errors be redirected?

I think you'll find that the command string is parsed directly by
incrond, not by a shell, so you don't get redirection. Try putting the
whole command in a shell script, and calling that.


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