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Re: RTL8111/8168B wake on lan (WOL) working randomly

On Sun, 01 Jan 2012 21:01:33 +0100, Juan Sierra Pons wrote:

> I have been spending many  days trying to make my computer start using
> the with wake on lan (WOL) feature.


> The problem is that when I shutdown the computer the NIC is switched off
> too. I can see it as the port in my home ADSL router is switched off.
> BUT randomly I can see that the NIC is not switched off after a shutdown
> and if I send the WOL packet from another computer it works like a
> charm.


Okay, so the fact your system powers off the ethernet adapter "randomly" 
is the key of the problem. This should not happen.

As the network interface comes integrated within the motherboard, I would 
look for a BIOS update and check if it solves someting related to power 
management or WOL (hint: most of the manufacturers do not write down the 
full BIOS release changelogs unless you directly contact them, so it's a 
good idea to ask the motherboard's manufacturer directly and query about 

A bad PSU, "too smart" UPS unit (or a power surge strip) can be also 
making noise here...



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