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Re: what's the nice package to open eps file

On 03/01/12 16:09, Vincent Lefevre wrote:
> On 2012-01-03 15:36:48 +1100, Scott Ferguson wrote:

> First, GIMP is an editing tool, not a viewing tool.

And? So?  You want to argue that it not a good editor, without knowing
if the OP wanted and editor. Then you argue that it's not a viewer - but
the only alternative you've proposed is an editor. Will we pretend you
can't view with and editor?

I'd interpreted the "open" in the original question to mean "view as an
image" - and I still don't know what was actually required. That's the
OP's call - if you have some special insight there, please share.

I try and take the context of the question into account - the idea is to
solve the problem (which might sometimes be "RTFM") not convert the
world to Dvorak, Esperanto and emacs.

Despite your myopic fixation, GIMP was *one* of a few I listed that, on
my system (based on a minimal KDE) would "display as an image" an .eps

The OP was/is running XFCE - hence the suggestions were limited to what
might be already on their system. You remember the OP? The owner of the
thread you've been hijacking.

> If you want to view an image file without editing it, there are much
> better tools for that (with a simpler UI, faster to load, and so
> on).

See further down.

> Second, GIMP is a bitmap image tool. Even if you don't want to edit 
> the file, viewing a vector file with GIMP is a bad idea because you 
> won't be able to zoom without a loss of quality.

Also agreed, and I note that gwenview is also not the ultimate viewer of
.eps format images. Though it's probably adequate if the user just
intends to views one image in a Perl manual.

As someone with a passion for proper rendering perhaps you could list
some programs to display .eps files as vector images (with a simple UI
and fast to load).

I don't doubt they exist - I just don't know of any.
Perhaps I'm not the only one ignorant in that area. Most of the Debian
image viewers I'm familiar with - are just "viewers" - not interpreters,
which is what's required to view .eps as a vector image.
(yeah, as the off-list posters have pointed out - displays and printers
rasterize too, but they "know" the final resolution)

I'm loathe to suggest people install Scribus/Inkscape, the old Adobe SVG
plugin for their browser, or Xara, just to look at an .eps file.

I don't know about XFCE, Gnome et al, but on a stock KDE there doesn't
seem to be a SVG "viewer" capable of displaying an .eps as a vector image.

OpenOffice.org Draw will (though it's not strictly a viewer, nor is it a
default package).

Inkscape[*1] and Scribus will - probably moot as to which is better (and
they're not definitely not viewers either[*2].

>> The OP asked what could open an .eps The question was answered.
> Emacs can also open .eps files. 

(cute) or, cat, kwrite - etc.

The OP's request was imprecise. The objective was to provide the OP with
a simple solution - not an exercise in pedantic pedantry.
If they'd just wanted a tune to play when email arrived most people are
not going to suggest JACK and a RT kernel.


[*1] It's been suggested it uses imagemagick/libmagick to rasterize, I'd
have to check that.
[*2] If you just want to "see the image" those editors are not much use
Iceweasel/Firefox extensions for finding answers to Debian questions:-

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