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Re: regarding e2fsprogs 1.42

On Mon, 02 Jan 2012 15:27:50 +0100, Joar Jegleim wrote:

> anybody got any foo on how to install e2fsprogs from wheezy into squeeze
> ? 

It's tagged as an "essential" package. I would keep my paws out of it :-)

> I really need +16TB partition support which was added in e2fsprogs
> 1.42 . Wheezy got 1.42, but I got dependency problems such as
>  e2fslibs : PreDepends: multiarch-support but it is not installable

Wheezy's "e2fslibs" requires "multiarch-support", which is also tagged as 
a transitional metapackage but is has dependencies (libc6 >= 2.13) that 
can be hard to accomplish from Squeeze.

>  libcomerr2 : PreDepends: multiarch-support but it is not installable

The same goes for this library.
> with reference to http://lists.debian.org/debian-news/2011/msg00038.html
> [...] Multiarch is a
> radical rethinking of the filesystem hierarchy with respect to library
> and header paths [...] make it somehow sound like a really bad idea to
> try to up e2fsprogs to 1.42 in squeeze ...
> Has anybody tried this, or got any hints ?

No hints, sorry. Sounds like a dangerous movement only suitable for a VM 
(with a previous saved working snapshot) or over a testing machine.



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