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Re: gateway issue in DHCP environment

On 02/01/12 19:27, J. Bakshi wrote:
> Dear list,
> First of all A very Happy new year to all of you :-)
> I have DHCP server running on my debian box and I have two internet
> broadband connections. I have configured one of them as the gateway
> in my DHCP server. sometimes my users ( both linux and windows) like
> to use the other connection as gateway as that is a flat rate and
> slow connection, so preferred when doing big download. How can I
> change the gateway in Linux and windows box running as DHCP client ?
> In Linux the only possibility is by *route* command from CLI.... but
> any GUI tricks for both Linux and Windows users ?
> Thanks
:-)   A GUI tool to set gateways for Windoof *and* Linux? You don't want
much do you? (and you don't even give a version of Windoof).

Unix copied all core commands and concepts from Windoof - but to avoid
lawsuits Unix did it before Windoof (tracert, ping, ipconfig, copy etc).

There is a GUI tool in XP and NT but I can't remember the name
(winipcfg?) - best to ask on another forum.

You could assign gateways by class from the DHCP server - but I'm
guessing you want to change things within existing leases.

For Deb just create 2 menu entries - call them CheapNet & QuickNet
Set them to run as root
Make Cheapnet run:-
ipconfig del default; route add default gw slowgatewayip

And the other (QuickNet) run:-
ipconfig del default; route add default gw quickgatewayip

You can probably do a similar thing at the Windoof machines using netsh
on XP or earlier (again, it's outside the scope of this list).

Iceweasel/Firefox extensions for finding answers to Debian questions:-

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