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Re: Wheezy update wrecks MC graphics?

On Sun, Jan 01, 2012 at 02:43:05PM +0100, godo wrote:
> >Thanks, Goran.  I don't know how to explain it -- my MC has been fine for
> >a long time, then suddenly this change. (?)
> >
> In /usr/share/mc/skins/ are MC skins.
> In attachment is default skin try to change it.
> Is it your skin same or you have some other weird symbols?

Thanks again. :-)  My default.ini is the same -- but I'm seeing weird symbols,
in my copy and in yours, which probably means something's change in how my
console is displaying these things rather than a change to MC itself:

    lefttop= looks like a trumpet turned sideways
    righttop= lower-case letter I with a mark over it
    centertop=─ (compressed equals sign with vertical line through it)
    centerbottom=─ (same as cerntertop)
    leftbottom=└ (a dash, not a corner)
    rightbottom= lower-case letter Y with a mark over it
    leftmiddle=├ (looks like a superscript L, or lower-left corner)
    rightmiddle= lower-case letter A with a mark over it
    centermiddle= solid rectangle
    horiz=─ (same as centertop)
    vert= lower-case letter A with a mark over it
    thinhoriz=─ (same as centertop)
    thinvert= lower-case letter A with a mark over it


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