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Re: fails to run

Jim Lill <jlill@rochester.rr.com> wrote:
>On 12/31/2011 3:15 PM, Claudius Hubig wrote:
>> Jim Lill<jlill@rochester.rr.com>  wrote:
>>> SLUG:~# php test.php
>>> ---------------------------------
>>> it just sits there, note the<lf>  after the invocation
>>> Some other binaries do the same, but not all.  What am I missing?
>> I don’t know about the NSLU2 in detail, but maybe a
>> # strace php test.php
>> might help. If you don’t have strace, lsof or maybe even ps might be
>> able to tell more about what exactly happens to this process.
>> Best regards,
>> Claudius
>I tried strace and a lot of output, no errors jumped out at me.  BTW,  I 
>have a X86 box running debian and don't see this problem on them.

Is there a possibility to post at least the last hundred to thousand
lines of the strace output? My crystal ball is not working perfectly,
but I would assume that PHP runs into some sort of loop waiting for
hardware which does not exist (or something similiar). Also, what is
the state of the process as reported by ps?

Best regards,

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