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Boot failure between grub and kernel?

Hi list,

First of all Happy New Year.

I'm running Debian Wheezy and the past month I have this strange problem
when doing a cold boot. The system hangs right after the GRUB2 selection
menu, before any md raid arrays have been started.
After the GRUB2 selection menu the screen only displays "Loading, please
wait..." and hangs indefinitely. Hitting the reset button works most of
the time, but occasionally additional attempts are needed.
In a normal situation the screen would display the same "Loading, please
wait..." message, but immediately followed by the messages that the md
raid arrays have been started (Still "loading please wait" message on
top, which disappears as the screen starts scrolling) and after that all
other messages from a normal boot.

First I thought it might be my new keyboard (bluethooth with a USB
dongle) as that is when it started happening. The problem still persists
when booting without that keyboard. Both motherboard, CPU and RAM have
been replaced (due to other issues) in the meantime, no change. I did a
short SMART self-test on every drive, no problems detected.

There is no entry whatsoever in the system logs about a failed attempt.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to proceed? Or what might be the
cause of the problem?

Kind regards,

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