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Re: IBM x3550 M3 with Debian Squeeze not detecting disks on installation

Mauro Sánchez wrote:
2011/12/28 hvw59601 <hvw59601@care2.com>:
Mauro Sánchez wrote:
I am trying to install Debian Squeeze on a IBM x3550 M3. The server
has this 3 disks:
IBM 600GB 10K 6Gbps SAS 2.5" SFF Slim-HS HDD

The RAID controller is a LSI 9240-4i

I have tried with a RAID 5 to install debian-amd64 but the
installation hangs up when it starts to format the disks.
After that, I tried with only one disk and non-raid configuration, and
the result is that the installation doesn't recognize the disk. It
gives me a list of the controllers that I have to choose, but the disk
is not recognized.

The server has all the firmwares updated, I know that because I have done

After all that, I have tried with Debian Testing and the installation
works just fine with no errors.
My question is, do I have to load some drivers for that kind of disks
during the installation?
What can I do? Should I try some other Debian installer like i386?

You mean you installed Debian Wheezy on that IBM x3550 M3 without any
problems? Why not go with that?

Because I have some servers with Xen and Ganeti with Debian Squeeze
and I need to migrate them to this new servers and I wanted to keep
the same versions.

Darn. That's too bad. I am not familiar enough with the installer to be able to say if you can enhance the Squeeze installer with different drivers in order to accomodate your server.


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