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Re: disabling ipV6

On 28/12/11 11:27, Andrei Popescu wrote:
On Mi, 28 dec 11, 10:27:33, Tony van der Hoff wrote:

Well, that appears to be looking for an IPv6 address, and as my
router doesn't support IPv6, it's bound to go wrong.

It shouldn't, but I have encountered this with several SOHO routers. The
fix is to upgrade the router firmware. The workaround it to bypass the
router for DNS.

Thanks, Andrei.

Unfortunately my router (Linksys WAG54GS) is no longer supported, and no firmware updates are available.

Not sure that I understand what you mean by "bypass the router"; I don't use it for DNS directly, but packages have to pass through it.
Perhaps I'm misinterpreting the symptoms of the problem.

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