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Re: OT programming languages/ systems for advanced applications on Linux


On Thu, Dec 22, 2011 at 02:14:44PM -0800, David Christensen wrote:
> Someone wrote:
> >I am like you and wrote most of my C++ during the
> >early years of the language.  I used the AT&T Cfront version 1.2
> >compiler for years.  Always on Unix machines and never on Windows.
> >
> >I have become disillusioned with the new C++ that has the kitchen sink
> >in it.  It has become the new ADA.  I believe it makes easy programs
> >easy and hard programs harder.  So now I program in C and haven't
> >written much C++ in years.
> I learned Perl in 1998, and have been using it as my primary


> I learned C++ in 1995 and used it professionally until ~2000.  While
> I loved C, I have mixed memories of C++.  I have positive memories

---big snip---

My preference was C (which followed years of FORTRAN) for
geophysical applications.  I did some C++ but never cared for the

I noted your comments on Python, and while I haven't any
experience with the 2 -> 3 transition, I am inclined to prefer
it.  In fact, almost all my work is now in that language.  You
can see some examples at my page (below) in the SOFTWARE section.



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