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(OT-Digests) Re: Unidentified subject!

On Wed, 21 Dec 2011 11:27:19 -0800, peasthope wrote:

> *	In-reply-to: <20111220205521.GJ3296@think.nuvreauspam> *	
> <171057234.68576.57886@heaviside.invalid>
> <20111219184739.GE438@hysteria.proulx.com>
> <171057235.49702.39796@heaviside.invalid>
> <20111219222419.GA22616@hysteria.proulx.com>
> <20111220205521.GJ3296@think.nuvreauspam> Subject: Re (3): automating
> execution of script.


Please, for those who receive the mailing list messages by using a 
"digest" style consider that when you post/reply to any of the messages 
the thread is completely broken and unreferenced unless you manually make 
some adjustments to keep the things in order.



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