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Re: what's the best media player ?

On Du, 18 dec 11, 10:12:12, Javier Vasquez wrote:
> Well, I don't know what moview player is, perhaps "mplayer" is what
> has been referred?  BTW, "m" stands for media, if that is the case,
> not movie, :-)
> Now gnome-mplayer is not a player by its own.  It's just a front end
> to mplayer.  And mplayer has different front ends, like KDE ones, GTK+
> ones, etc.
As far as I understand the recommended frontend is now smplayer.

> To watch video I've been using mplayer for quiet a while, and I've
> found no reason to change.  Even when VLC came on board, I just kept
> with mplayer with no regret.  Regarding a front end, gnome-player is
> what I use given it's the one installed for the gecko plugin, and
> besides it works well.
> For audio I'm afraid I prefer MPD with mpc, ncmpc, and gmpc as client
> front ends, for most of the stuff (including listenning to streaming).
>  And for local audio listening I prefer just MOC.  Alsaplayer
> sometimes comes in handy as well...

+1, just prefer ario as a graphical frontend (not that I use it much, I 
have keyboard shortcuts tied to mpc actions) for mpd.

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