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(argh) "Could not perform immediate configuration"

Hi, Folks --

I decided to go ahead and try upgrading to Wheezy on this laptop (Acer Aspire
5250, gift for my sister) to see if any of the three previously mentioned
problems might clear.  Now I'm stuck at "Could not perform immediate
configuation on 'libgstreamer0.10-0'."  I've gone through the man page twice
and checked the example configurations, where it says "Do not set this to
'false', see man page" and have no idea how to get past this blockage --
'purge' wants to remove half the system, "apt-get -f" only returns the
same error message, etc.  Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated.



 -- Jeff --   <http://www.wellnow.com>

 "There's nothing left in the world to prove.  All that's worth doing
  is to love one another, using whatever means are available to serve."

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