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Re: Unable to boot Debian 6

Bret Busby wrote:
> I downloaded a copy of the Debian 6.0.3 amd64 CD1 iso, to install it
> on a computer

Using CD1 is a good choice.

> on which I had thought that I had been unable to instal Debian 6.

What problems are you having trying to install it?

> When I booted the computer, to go into Ubuntu 10.04, to reboot with
> the CD,

What?  You need to boot Ubuntu in order to boot from the cdrom??

> I found that the GRUB menu included an installation of
> Debian 6.
> The computer came with MS Windows 7 (? - the latest current version)
> Pro 64 bit, and I installed Ubuntu 10.04 on it, then apparently
> managed to instal Debian 6.0.1, or, part of it.

[...then later...]
> I am the only person who accesses the computer, but I had previously
> had the impression that my previous attempts to instal Debian 6, had
> been unsuccessful. It is possible that I had accomplished a partial
> installation. My memory of some things, is not as good as I would
> like.

Since you are the only one who does things with that system and you
don't remember a *successful* installation, then very likely the one
you are finding now was not successfully installed.  So the fact that
you can't boot it fully does not sound surprising.  It may only be a
partial installation and therefore incomplete.  And from what you said
that matches your memory.

> So, I tried to boot it, and it went through the boot sequence until
> the following lines, at which point the boot sequence stopped.
> ...
> <computer name> login: [11.794285] tg3: eth0: Link is up at 100Mbps,
> full duplex.
> [ 11.795448] tg3: eth0: Flow control is on for TX and for RX.
> [ 11.797364] ADDRCONF(NETDEV_CHANGE): eth0: link becomes ready
> and then it just sits there, and looks silly.
> Please advise.

Since you don't remember I would be inclined to try to install Debian
fresh from the CD.  You will either be successful or you will have
failures that are then current failures.


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