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Re: Launcher controllsQuestion

On Sun, 04 Dec 2011 11:53:37 -0600, John W. Foster wrote:

> I use desktop launchers for a number of .php commands that execute
> scripts. I run them in the terminal mode. I need to see the output and
> close the terminal manually. How is this done? Currently the script
> executs then the terminal screen closes automatically. I figure there is
> some terminal launch command that should be added to the string that
> starts the .php script, but have been unable to locate it. Any tips?
> This is an example;
> myaccountname@mysystemname:php /home/myaccountname/mediawiki-1.17.0/maintenance/cleanupCaps.php

A quick trick is using the hold option for xterm, so in the end, 
your ".desktop" file launcher contains something like:

Exec=xterm -hold -e <command>&

Another tip I've seen by searching at Google is using a predefined gnome-
terminal profile that keeps the window open and then you call it from 
the desktop launcher.



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