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Re: disable beep for wall command

Those links i sent you are old links i had here, I thought that they were teaching how to disable the beep, but looking at them now make me feel like I sent you the wrong link.

What I thought these links would show you is how to disable the beep using the ALSA mixer, as you were already told here. The gnome-volume-control maybe does not have that option enabled by default (so you have to check preferences and enable pc beep). If it doesn't help, check if you have packages alsamixer or optionally alsamixergui (by doing # apt-get install alsamixer alsamixergui) and then run them in the terminal emulator (for example, $ alsamixergui).

Alsamixer should have the pc beep as an option. If it doesn't, then your beep is not coming from the beep itself, maybe it is playing from other source. I will check the code you sent.

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