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Re: where to get patched older kernel for example 2.6.39

Jim Green wrote:
> I use debian squeeze running usually I download kernel
> source tree from kernel.org and strip stuff I don't need and compile
> my own kernel. but there is a problem, I think the older kernel such
> as 2.6.38 are not being patched on kernel.org. lets say there was a
> bug fix on 3.0.0 on some old feature, this patch is likely not patched
> to 2.6.38.

You are correct.  The upstream Linux folks keep moving forward.  To
have the latest fixes in the upstream then you would need the latest
upstream kernel.  Some of the major developers do keep their own
source code tracks updated and those are somewhat like known good
release tracks though.

> Could anyone advise where I can find such older but patched source
> trees I can compile my self? I don't want go bleeding edge 3.**
> kernels I just want a relatively old but patched kernel.

There wasn't anything major different between 2.6 and 3.x kernels.
They just decided it was time to change to a different version
number.  In the grand scheme of things it was just a continuous grey
scale of development.  Don't let the number change from 2 to 3 scare
you off.  It didn't signify anything.

If you want to run the older series of kernel but with security
patches applied then perhaps the best source would be a distro kernel
such as the Debian Squeeze Linux kernel 2.6.39.  It contains all of
the known required security patches.  It is the original 2.6.32 with
patches applied.  You can get the source and review the patches and
use it as your source for your own compiled kernel  Then you can apply
your own configuration for the compilation.

  # apt-get install linux-source-2.6

There are various documents describing how to compile kernels to help
you if you have difficulties.


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