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Re: GRUB2 themes

On Mon, 05 Dec 2011 22:16:12 +0000, Lisi wrote:

> On Saturday 03 December 2011 22:19:54 Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
>> IMO it is too bad that Debian does not put a nice theme together, it
>> would look so much better at a first install.
> I do dislike "nice" themes.  Surely there is Ubuntu for those that like
> such things.  Debian is the refuge for those who like their software
> actually to _work_.
> If "nice" themes take over Debian as well, where are we to go, those of
> us who think that the first objective of software is to do its job and
> do it well? And surely there is always KDE4.
> IMHO, of course. ;-)
> Lisi

+1. And KDE is a monolithic bloated POS IMHO.

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