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Re: Running apt*, help needed

Andrei Popescu wrote the following on 12/05/2011 01:14 PM:
On Du, 04 dec 11, 21:24:56, Dennis Wicks wrote:
Both machines are nearly identical so that is not a problem. I have
already gathered a lot of pieces of the solution and I hope that
this is the final part of the solution!

Because you intend yo use the network from withing the chroot (apt): programs inside the chroot should have no problem to use the network, but DNS queries will be done according to the resolv.conf inside the chroot.

If you need access to your hardware (ex. to reinstall grub) be sure to bind mount /sys /dev and /proc before chroot-ing.

Hope this helps,

I guess I still need a few more pieces!

I now have the problem that everything I have tried to do after chroot gives me a segmentation fault.

eg. chroot /dgwicks/root dpkg -i <something>.deb

Even just a plain chroot to my mounted directory gives me a segmentation fault!

I haven't found any way to get around this. Any suggestions??

Many TIA,

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