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Re: Passwordless root shell is offered when boot problem occurs.

On Lu, 28 nov 11, 13:47:59, Sthu Deus wrote:
> Good time of the day.
> Once mount error occurs while OS booting, I get root shell - w/o even
> asking for password... How I can change the behavior (to ask for
> password before granting root shell)?

Hi Sthu,

From reading the thread I understand your goal is to secure your box 
even in case of physical access. Since you provided little information I 
will assume you want to prevent somebody like a room mate to use the 
computer and possibly also access files without your knowledge.

A BIOS and/or grub password will help in most cases, unless the persons 
would have to possibility to reset the BIOS (needs opening the case) or 
physically installing your harddisk in another computer. In such case 
partial/full disk encryption would help.

Hope this helps,
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