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Re: Reboot and all I get is a grub prompt [SOLVED]

Harry Putnam <reader@newsguy.com> writes:

> Arnt Karlsen <arnt@c2i.net> writes:
>>>   set root (hd0,1) (in grub1 that would be hd0,0)
>>>   linux /vm<tab>
>> .._here_ is where you wanna tell grub about your initrd, 
>> it (/boot/initrd<tab>?) should match your /vm<tab> .
>>>   boot
> gackk .. I've spent too many yrs booting gentoo with no initrd... I
> just skipped right over it by default..
> I'll try that in a minute.  right now I'm in a chroot.

OK, this is really a bad gaff here.

Some person put this computer into hybernation unbeknownst to me.

Since he is too old and grown to beat.. I'll have to settle for an

I've never used hybernation on a desktop computer, and did not
recognize that was what was going on.

I saw the computer lights off, and pushed the on button... which lead
to the grub prompt and all the heaving and hoeing. 

All squared away now after systemRescue chroot etc etc, update-grub,
and on and on, finally an fsck.ext4 on / was required and had many
errors fixed.

For future reference... how does one bring a hybernated computer out of
hybernation gracefully.  And more important how does one disable
hybernation entirely.

In fact, how does one recognize that a computer is hybernated?  This
one just appeared off.

Does it have to be taken out at kernel level or is there some way to
disable it?

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