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Re: setting up WiFi adapter (Broadcom BCM4321 14e4:4328 chipset) in latest version of Debian

Colin Reinhardt schreef:
Im new to Debian/Linux...
I have tried following the Debian Wireless-HowTo and other related
Linux WiFi HowTos.

I downloaded and installed the firmware-b43-installer and
b43-fwcutter, (synaptic shows them as installed packages now).

In Gnome, using network-manager (applet) there is nothing about
wireless networks shown at all, only my wired LAN ethernet network is
an option.

How can I tell if my PCI card is being detected and firmware loaded
correctly, and what are the next steps to get WiFi working?
Thanks, Colin

maybe this one could be of some help (if you did not already see or found it) with this i got the broadcom chip working on my hp netbook (wl.ko)




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