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Re: what does the s stand for

On 12/02/2011 07:11 PM, Bob Proulx wrote:
doug wrote:
Aaron Toponce wrote:
doug wrote:
Tried this in pclos.  There is no chmod in the info file.
There is also no man chmod.
I don't know what "pclos" is, but chomd(1) is part of the "coreutils"
package. If you have cat(1), you have chmod(1).
The system has chmod as a command, of course.  Pclos is
PCLINUXOS. I have the latest version with all the upgrades, and
there is no info page or man page for chmod.
Why would you complain that pclos didn't include coreutils
documentation to a debian-user mailing list?  And since PCLinuxOS
isn't Debian (and you didn't tell us that information btw) why would
that matter to us here on the Debian user mailing list?  I would go to
a pclos user mailing list and try to get help to fix the system.
Documentation is available and you should have it available.

You can get the online upstream GNU copy from here:



Note that the upstream version may be newer (and sometimes older when
it is out of date) than the packaged version distributed by the
system.  That is why the system version is best since it should have
the same version as what is installed.

One tends to think that Linux is Linux, wherever you find it, but that's obviously not true. I do look at other distros besides pclos, and try to keep my finger on the pulse of the Linux community, as it were, thus I read the Deb and Ubu lists, as well as some others, and I am of course a member of the pclos forum. I hope my reading this list and responding
to it on occasion does not twist your tail too much.


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