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Re: Monitor not shutting down

On 02/12/2011 14:05, Christian Jaeger wrote:

I've got frequent pains with my monitors, that they don't go off when
I expect them to after a 30' timeout (as set in the gnome power
management options). First issue was (or was what I suspected to be)
mplayer instances started by smplayer still hanging around, so I kill
them regularly, but on top of that it seemed like I needed

*/10 * * * * /home/chris/bin/fix-dpms

where fix-dpms is

DISPLAY=:0.0 xset +dpms>  /dev/null 2>&1

but now one of my computers simply wouldn't even blank the screen
anymore (after the 10' timeout as set in the gnome screensaver

t3:~# grep -i dpms /var/log/Xorg.0.log
(II) Loading extension DPMS
(II) intel(0): DPMS capabilities: Off; RGB/Color Display
(==) intel(0): DPMS enabled

which seems to look good for me.

I'm pretty sure that when I reboot, it will work again, but I don't
want to reboot every other day just because of this. So, how do I
debug it?

I have to admit that in this case, Xorg is running in a linux-vserver
guest, but since at least blanking has worked till a couple hours ago,
and the above log snipped seem to suggest there's another problem (and
on my laptop without linux-vserver sometimes the screen still
sometimes doesn't go off either), I'm still asking here.


In KDE there is an option to set defaults for power management, maybe there is an option in Gnome as well, works for me in KDE.

Debian Squeeze 6.0.3 amd64, KDE 4.4.5

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