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Re: emacs load-path

Nicolas Bercher writes:

> Jude DaShiell a écrit :
>> First make sure they'll load after running emacs and hitting meta-x
>> and keying in the file names.  Then read the original .el files for
>> instructions.  I expect you'll find code in them starting with
>> (require that needs to be inserted in your .emacs file to have these
>> load on start up.
> That is just what I did and is working good.  But still I'm surprised,
> maybe load-path is just used to define places *where to find files*, and
> not the list of files to load automatically on sartup.

That's it. load-path is not a function, but a variable (check with "C-h
v load-path"). It is the path where emacs looks for .el files, similar
to PATH in the system. It doesn't mean "load this path".


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