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Re: Booting into DOS

On Thu 01 Dec 2011 at 17:26:00 -0500, Tom H wrote:

> In grub2, sda1 is (hd0,1) or (hd0,msdos1) not (hd0,0) - although the
> "search..." line should override the "set root..." line.

The way understand it is: GRUB will boot using the 'search...' line if a
disk is found. The 'set root...' line can be anything or even absent
because it will not be used. If the 'search...' line doesn't give a
bootable kernel GRUB falls back' to the 'set root...' line.

(hd0,0) is incorrect but it shouldn't matter if the 'search...' line is
right. The OP needn't use both lines - but the remaining one obviously
has to be correct.

> ("--set" and "--set=root" are the same.)

I've seen differences in behaviour between them (not necessarily hugely
significant) on GRUB 1,98 and GRUB 1.99.

> I'd had grub use "/dev/sda" rather than "hd0" but I haven't understood
> why it's happened. It works either way...

Only because it's ignored in the presence of a correctly functioning
'search...' line. Otherwise I wouldn't bet on it.

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