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Re: setting up WiFi adapter (Broadcom BCM4321 14e4:4328 chipset) in latest version of Debian

On Thu, Dec 01, 2011 at 12:07:24PM -0800, Colin Reinhardt wrote:
> Im new to Debian/Linux...
> I have tried following the Debian Wireless-HowTo and other related
> Linux WiFi HowTos.
> I downloaded and installed the firmware-b43-installer and
> b43-fwcutter, (synaptic shows them as installed packages now).
> In Gnome, using network-manager (applet) there is nothing about
> wireless networks shown at all, only my wired LAN ethernet network is
> an option.
> How can I tell if my PCI card is being detected and firmware loaded
> correctly, and what are the next steps to get WiFi working?

Detecting PCI cards: look at the output of

Detecting kernel modules loading: look at the output of 

Detecting firmware loading: look at the end of the output of

In all of these, look for clues about your particular card.


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